The Lesson Program is Just Beginning!

Things are different in this day and age. When I was a kid, people took lessons for a short while, and then they bought horses or ponies. Now, it seems that people think the lesson program is the beginning and the end. I’d like to clarify the goal of the lesson program, and help you all to understand that it’s the first step, not the end goal.

The Purpose of the Lesson Program
The purpose of the lesson program is to get a student started with the right basics and fundamentals. In our lesson program, we teach students a variety of skills. The goal is that they use these skills on their own horse in the near future. 

Students Learn the Basics of Riding in Addition to the Basics of Horse Care
* Safety is our number one priority when teaching your child. We start by teaching how to lead, mount and dismount properly. We keep students on a lead line or a lunge line until they’re ready to ride safely on their own.  

* We teach them how to properly groom, tack up, untack, and cool down a horse. Many times, they’re too little to do everything to do on their own, and that’s ok! I was too little to tack up when Santa brought me my first pony too! 

What’s the next step?

Once students are able to ride on their own, they are ready for the next step! The sooner they graduate from strictly the lesson program and move into one of our “next step” options, the sooner they’ll progress. Like with any sport, the more you practice, the stronger you become and the better you’ll be! 

Students need to have the ability to practice what they learn in their lessons between their lessons, so they can master those things and move on to learn more! No other exercise can mimic riding, and our bodies must be strong enough to execute the skills taught in the lessons. 

Stepping into a situation that allows students to ride more consistently is the key to success.

We understand that it feels like a giant leap to go from the lesson program into buying a horse or pony, so we offer a variety of ways to ease you into taking the next step. 

Partial Leases

* Some of our lesson horses are available to partially lease. This allows students to ride 3 times per week, lesson consistently on the same horse, and show! When students are allowed to practice in between lessons, they excell at a much faster pace. 

Expense Leases

* Some of our sale horses are available to lease while they are for sale. Students may ride 6 days per week, lesson on their leased horse, and show. Schedules must be flexible to revolve around sales appointments and trials. When a horse sells, it’s replaced with a new one, so the lease continues. 

Real Leases

* This is the best and most popular lease option. We may have horses available within the barn, or we may shop outside of the barn. In this case, students pay a lease fee in addition to the horse’s expenses and the horse becomes their’s for the duration of the lease. With this option, students can truly form a bond and have consistency with one horse, and accumulate points and/or qualify for medals.

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