Safety First for the Horse and Rider!

At Fortitude Farm, we put safety first! Fortitude riders are extremely successful in the Hunter Jumper and Equitation show ring, but the number one priority is safety for both horse and rider. Fortitude Farm’s entire program is set up to accomplish this goal.

* It starts with the selection and maintenance of our lesson and IEA horses and continues through to the selection and training of our privately owned horses.

* We help you to find horses within your budget that you be successful on, by choosing horses that meet your requirements without ever sacrificing safety.


* We teach safety on the ground and in the saddle.

*We teach how to choose safe distances to the jumps, and teach how to make safe decisions in regard to riding with others and keeping horses balanced and fit to help prevent injury to the horse and rider.


* In addition, we teach safety by example, by always wearing helmets and proper foot wear while on or around the horses.

* Fortitude Farm trainers, Carolyn Bell and Lauren Kamber specialize in teaching, training and coaching for the Hunter, Jumper and Equitation ring and can be reached at

One thought on “Safety First for the Horse and Rider!”

  1. One of the things I have enjoyed the most about your program is the emphasis on rider fitness. Not only do I look better after becoming more fit, I feel so much more confident when I’m riding. Before I came to Fortitude, I needed two other riders to go between me to space put my trips at shows. I didn’t have the endurance I needed for multiple trips in a row. At the last show, I was the last rider to go and easily completed my three trips one after the other with only a brief course memorization in between. The difference is astounding – best of all, I feel so much more secure!

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